Workshop Testimonials

“VERIFI has the potential to push IC engine CFD towards higher fidelity models and increased scalability by leveraging world-class high performance computing resources.”

Ronald O. Grover, Jr., Ph.D.
General Motors Research and Development
Propulsion Systems Research (PSR) Lab

“When I first heard that Argonne National Laboratory was going to launch VERIFI, I liked the idea of having a workshop specifically targeting the internal combustion engine in conjunction with simulation methods. The idea seemed really neat, but I thought it would just be another meeting of which there are already several without addressing a completely new need and without reaching a critical mass in terms of audience audience compared to other meetings, but I was wrong.

VERIFI hit it on the nail, specifically covering and bridging the gap between the established field of internal combustion engines and computation methods, specifically CFD, to address a common need that most OEMs and suppliers face now more than ever before: shorter product development cycles, a greater focus on platforms and generic products that yet need to be highly customizable to the individual customer and application, which can vary substantially. The organizers of VERIFI have recognized that need and organized a wonderful workshop, where various members of the community – both IC engine and CFD – can get together and share ideas.

The format, a blend of industry and academic presentations as well as useful insights about the facility at Argonne, was very conducive toward the overarching goal of facilitating a discourse and getting different people to the table. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the Argonne staff, the way the workshop was organized and the facility itself. I have not seen a place that has advanced computing, engine test cells and high-power photon source available at the same location. I can only recommend to see the facility and would join the workshop again.”

Stefan Klinkert, PhD
Application Engineer
Continental Automotive, Dearborn USA

“The VERIFI workshop highlighted the capability and experience of Argonne facilities and staff on many levels, specifically their emphasis to correlate simulation to test data through the many departments, e.g., CFD spray model to APS measurements, reaction mechanisms with rapid compression machine, CONVERGE 4-stroke cycle with GCI engine testing.  The massive computational resources at Argonne (Mira & Fusion) would enable parallel runs orders of magnitude faster than what most have access to, e.g., we check out blocks of 80-100 cores per job, MIRA starts in increments of 8192 cores!”

Tony Willcox
Director, Simulation and Controls
Pinnacle Engines

“The VERIFI workshop shed a bright light onto the common combustion challenges that ICE industry faces, regardless of borders or market segments. Moreover, it lit the pathways to solving those issues by combining experimental observations, simulation techniques and extreme scale computing. All the goodies in one bag!”

Eric Lendormy
Performance Expert, CFD & Combustion

“The 2014 VERIFI workshop on high-performance computing-enabled engine simulations was one of the best professional development events that I have attended. It had an outstanding selection of presentations from industry leaders showing how they used high performance computing in their companies.

The tour of Argonnes’s facilities was truly impressive in both quality and breadth. They have world class experimental and computational facilities all at one location which creates a great synergy for tackling some of the most difficult problems and for validating simulations.

I especially enjoyed the hands on portion of the workshop where participants were given a unique opportunity to run a high fidelity engine simulation using on one of the world’s largest super computers MIRA.

The VERIFI workshop showed high-performance computing is within the reach of many companies via a partnership with Argonne that gives access to both its resources and experts.”

Paul Westhoff – Engineer Expert Simulation
Marine Propulsion Systems Division

“Thank you VERIFI team for sharing your work at the recent Workshop for High-Performance Computing-Enabled Engine Simulations. The covered topics were very relevant to industry interest and the speakers were excellent. I really appreciated the openness of the participants and the team at Argonne. I truly believe that the multi-disciplinary team along with world class facilities makes Argonne an excellent partner with whom to collaborate. Based on the current and future work I expect Argonne to continue to provide thought leadership in the area of combustion simulation.”

Steve P. Gravante, Ph.D.
Section Leader – Engine Simulation and Analysis
Engines Business Unit

“Increased mesh resolution and more accurate sub-models are critical for enabling predictive engine simulations. These more predictive simulations will require significant computational resources and advances in HPC from industry, academia, and national laboratories. From an industry perspective, the VERIFI workshop not only highlighted collaborative work but also was a great forum for exchange of ideas for further improvements in our HPC capabilities.”

Dr. Eric Pomraning
Vice President and co-owner
Convergent Science Inc.